It’s all about the balls…. 

When I heard about all the toxic chemicals in dryer sheets, it made me cringe to think about how our largest organ absorbs those chemicals like a sponge. Those toxins (fragrance is the worst offender) glitch up the way our brains work and cause our hormones to go out of whack. So what to do? Dryer balls (These are New Zealand wool). The more balls, the better.😏 I like to add essential oils to freshen things up. I usually drop 7-10 drops on each ball and it lasts a while before I have to reapply. I make a blend of whatever I’m feeling at the time in an empty 5 ml bottle. This time it was equal parts of Purification, lavender and lemon myrtle. Smells so bright and cheery!
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Morning Ritual #2


I started doing this recently as part of my morning ritual. I had been reading for a while about how amazing apple cider vinegar is for the body’s functions. Some people were telling me it was the only thing that has helped them with their health issues. So I finally bought a bottle (it must be Braggs raw, unfiltered, with “the mother”). I am not the hugest fan of vinegar, but the benefits I was hearing about far outweighed any of that. Since I’m certainly not an expert on nutrition, but know how to work Google, I searched how to take it, and found most articles said start with 1 teaspoon. Some people were telling me about how it made someone they know sick. Others were saying it burned. I’m curious to know how much they drank and what kind of vinegar it was. Luckily, I have not experienced any of that. Just a light, refreshing, zingy drink I look forward to in the morning now. 
I was reluctant to drink it at first because it looks weird, but surprisingly, I’ve found I look forward to it now. I try to drink it fairly quickly because it’s grainy, but aside from that, I find it quite refreshing. Kind of like a light, just-sweet-enough, not-too-tart lemonade with a little kick to it. 
Recipe is below. I’m sure it will evolve into something else soon, but for now, this is what I’m doing. Trial and error. 
I googled what the health benefits of each ingredient are. Links are at the end, but here’s a quick list of just a few ways I’m supporting my health:
-promotes healthy cholesterol 

-helps suppress appetite 

-helps increase metabolism 

-helps reduce water retention 

-promotes healthy blood sugar 

-has antioxidant properties 

-improves nutrient absorption 

-helps you feel fuller 

-has protective antioxidant levels 

-has anti-inflammatory abilities 

-boosts immunity 

-supports healthy heart function

-has anti-microbial abilities 
In a glass or ceramic mug (do not use plastic)
-8 oz water 

-1 tsp Braggs raw apple cider vinegar “with the mother” 

-1 tsp psyllium husks 

-couple dashes of cinnamon 

-couple dashes of turmeric 

-couple dashes of cayenne pepper 

-3 drops Young Living lemon essential oil

-1 tsp raw, organic honey 
Mix well with a metal spoon (do not use plastic).
Read more about the health benefits of each ingredient here:

Morning Ritual #1

What’s your morningritual? ☀️Here’s just one part of mine… Shakeology! Sorry it’s not in a fancy glass. These ugly plastic cups are the perfect size to fit my entire smoothie . Today is Chocolate 🍫 Shakeology with frozen strawberries 🍓 I can’t even live without it. Every single day, I take my supplements with my Shakeology. Can’t do it any other way. I look forward to it. It’s like I’m a car getting filled with premium gasoline to start the day.🚗 Except I’m a human drinking all my nutrients for the day, getting all my antioxidants , superfoods and all the other good stuff I need to help my body do it’s thing mobetta 💪🏻 and without crap toxic ingredients. 🙅🏻It’s got protein. It’s got probiotics. I’m all about getting the most nutritional bang for my buck. It’s worth every penny (works out to be about $4 a day). Plus it’s yummy. It keeps me satisfied and not wanting to binge on crap food. What can’t you live without in the morning?

Brain dump

Sometimes you just need a good brain dump. It’s been way too long since I’ve written… Life always makes me think of the lotus. Sometimes you just need to go through mud to grow and blossom… just an ever-expanding lotus. Zen AF. 🙏🏻
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Meet Gertie, Glenda, Genevieve and Tallulah Belle

I know I haven’t posted in almost a week, and it is with good reason. I have been working on two top secret projects. One, I still can’t show you, but the other is finished and the surprise is out, so I can finally write about it and show how this project came along!

My cousin Jeff’s wife Danielle turned 30 this past Thursday, and he threw her a surprise party. Knowing she is a huge giraffe fan, I was inspired to create an original giraffe piece for her big 3-0. I didn’t really have a specific result in mind when I had this idea, so just I started out by sketching giraffes and doing multiple giraffe studies.

After about a week of eating, staying up all night so as not to break my creative groove sleeping and breathing giraffes, it was the day before Danielle’s surprise party and I had all these giraffe elements, but wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate them into a piece.

So I decided rather than do one piece, why not do a tryptic? I love the idea of doing multiples/series of things, and almost 2 years ago I bought these three small 8′ x 8′ canvases with the intention of doing something really cool, but never came up with an idea. So in the corner of my room they sat. I unwrapped those mammajammas and still didn’t know what I was going to do. So I just started doing and decided it would come to me once I got started. And so it did…

Danielle said, and I quote, “They literally blew my mind.” I am so happy she likes them. 🙂 She actually named them, too. From left to right we have: Gertie, Glenda, Tallulah Belle and Genevieve.


When I don’t draw or paint for one day, I feel so….. off. So disconnected from my creative side. It’s hard to imagine I went years like this. I’m having a hard time finding balance with it though. This past weekend I did little else but sit holed up in my loft drawing and painting and listening to music (and maybe a couple other things I should keep to myself). If I didn’t have to leave the house to do dinner dates, I would have never left. Hell, if I didn’t have anybody else to worry about offending, I probably wouldn’t have even showered, that’s how engrossed I become. I completely lose track of time, and I love it… But I do need to figure out a way to incorporate regular tasks into this mix… You know like, cleaning (my condo is a wreck & the Christmas tree is still up), laundry (my poor boyfriend has no clean clothes), the gym (don’t want to spoil the past five months of dedication), and organizing (my closets are embarrassing). It’s like I can only do one thing a day and that thing takes up the entire day. I guess I’m not a good multi-tasker in a lot of ways. Today I will try and incorporate a little of everything and see if I can be successful at that.

Because I am working on a surprise for someone and can’t show what I’m working on, here’s a quick little painting I did for my grandma for her 85th birthday back in November. I’ve become obsessed with my mom’s cherry trees. I keep drawing them in their barren phase, and consequently the title is “Barren.” I’m sure you’ll being seeing more of these…


Just a peek.

Still can’t show what I’m working on, but I can give a peek.


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