My name is Keri, and this is my art blog. This blog will serve as a public, online, artistic journal. I will post paintings, projects, sketches, doodles, inspirations, photographs, stories told in art and previous pieces I have done. I’ve heard of A-Sketch-A-Day projects. I think of this as an A-Creative-Dump-A-Day project. Hah. You can read my opening statement and why I am doing this here.

A little about me…

I have a BFA in Graphic Design (print not web), but I prefer painting, drawing, collage and anything else that strikes me at the moment. I am very inspired by color, pattern, texture, fauvism, expressionism, pinup, traditional tattoos, day-of-the-dead, travel, world culture, urban living, and music especially.

In addition to some personal projects, I have been doing quite a bit of dog paintings lately for people in different areas of the country. I love using bright, vivid color, texture and underpainting. I am open to other pets/animals, but so far I’ve only painted dogs. I mainly work with acrylics, sometimes watercolor, depending on what I’m doing.

This is an outlet for me that I happen to be sharing with whomever is interested. I will practice complete honesty with what I share on this blog. I am not interested in impressing anybody or censoring what I say or what I share so as not to offend or disappoint whomever happens to read it. If you don’t like what I reveal, it’s like the tele—turn the channel. Feel free to comment, but please be respectful, not only to me, but to other commenters. Any offensive comments to myself or others will simply be deleted. I do, however, welcome criticism of the constructive variety. I’m always looking for ways to improve. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading.